Fraud Prevention for Individuals

Scammers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 crises at an unprecedented level. If you suspect fraud or if you receive a debit card, a claim copy, or any indication that someone may have filed a claim in your name without your knowledge, please do the following:

  1. Contact the personnel department at your place of employment if you're still employed.
  2. Complete our online fraud form at
  3. File a fraud report with the local police department.
  4. Contact major credit bureaus, including ExperianTransUnion, and Equifax, since the breach involves social security numbers, birth dates, and other personal information.
  5. Contact your banking institution to make them aware of the situation.

Protect Yourself

General Information about Scams

A message about scams from our Electronic Payment Partner 


Phishing Scams

Potential OESC Employee Fraud

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission is committed to preventing fraudulent and wrongful acts. One of the fundamental ethical and moral values of our Agency is that we act as if the world will soon learn about our actions.

If you have some concerns about any potential employee fraud at our Agency, please contact our Internal Audit Department.

Contact Information

Phone: (405) 557-5400

Email: [email protected]


Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
Attn: Director of Internal Audit
PO Box 52003
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2003