Leadership, Members and Meetings

Meet our OESC Leadership Team and learn more about our Commission Members and Events. 

Executive Leadership

Shelley Zumwalt
Interim Executive Director


Deputy Director


Jon Eller
Project Management Division Director
[email protected]
(405) 557-7243

Pete Shipman
Reemployment Services, Veterans Services & Targeted Population Division Director
[email protected]
(405) 557-5429

Lynn Gray
Economic Research and Analysis Division Director
mailto:[email protected]
(405) 557-7221

Deborah Goodwin
Appellate Division Director
[email protected]
(405) 601-3311

Anna Johnson
Internal Audit Director
[email protected]
(405) 557-5487

John Miley
General Counsel
[email protected]
(405) 557-7146

Kerry Master
Reemployment Services, Compliance Division Director
[email protected]
(405) 557-7219

Kim Braddy
Reemployment Services, Customer Service Division Director
[email protected]
(405) 557-5394

Lisa Hoelscher
Human Resources Director
[email protected]
(405) 557-7207

Emma Woodford
Civil Rights Administrator
[email protected]
(405) 557-7210

Denise Edmond
Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]
(405) 557-7235


Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Commission Meetings

2401 North Lincoln Boulevard
PO Box 52003
Oklahoma City, OK 73152

(405) 557-7100

Commission meetings that occur for the OESC can be found on our Events Calendar

First Tuesday of each month, 10:00 am

Will Rogers Building, Room 511
Commission Room
2401 N Lincoln Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73105


Meeting dates are subject to rescheduling. Please check for updates.

Pursuant to 25 Oklahoma Statutes Section 311(A)(1) and (2), the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission shall give notice in writing by December 15 of each calendar year to the Secretary of State of the schedule showing the date, time, and place of the regularly scheduled meetings for the following calendar year.


Commission Members

David Reid, Chair
Representing the Public
Term: 7/3/19 to 7/2/25

David Adams, Member
Representing Employers
Term: 7/3/15 to 7/2/21

Karen Hudson, Member
Representing Employers
Term: 7/3/17 to 7/2/23

Jim Quillen, Member
Representing Employees
Term: 4/17/18 to 7/2/21

Trent Smith, Member
Representing Employees
Term: 3/25/19 to 7/2/23