Policies, Amendments and Funding

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission maintains and publishes its own policies. Below you can access more information regarding our Web Use Policies, Governance Policies, 2020 Rule Amendments, and Federal Grants.

Learn about how people of various abilities can access information or interact with us.

Privacy Policy
Learn about the information we collect on our sites, how we treat that information, and with who we share it.

Linking Policy
Read our policy regarding sites our site links to externally. Find information on applying to have your site link appear here.

OESC Use of Social Media
Read our guidelines for the way OESC uses social media sites and apps.

Contact for Accessibility

If you would like to report an accessibility problem with the OESC website, please e-mail the OESC Accessibility Compliance representative.

Governance Policies

OESC Civil Rights Policies
Read about the Civil Rights Office (CRO) ongoing commitment to Equal Opportunity efforts.

OESC Internal Audit and Fraud Reporting
Learn more about how we maintain accuracy, stay on track to achieve strategic business objectives and how you can prevent or report fraud.

OESC Precedent Manual
Read and quickly navigate this manual to learn more about the legal precedents governing OESC and Unemployment Insurance Program.

Contact for Audit & Fraud Reporting

If you would like to report an audit or fraud concern, please contact the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission:  

Phone: (405) 557-5400 

Email: [email protected]

Mail: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
Attention - Director of Internal Audit
PO Box 52003
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2003

Notices Concerning 2020 Rule Amendments

Read through recent amendments to rules and policies for the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

2020 - Notice of Rulemaking intent - Chapters 1 and 10 

2020 - Rule Impact Statement 

2020 - Proposed Rules

2020 - Public Hearing Announcement 

Contact for Rules

If you have questions about the 2020 Rule Amendments, please contact the Rules representative:

Gina Antipov, Secretary V

Phone: (405) 557-7146

Email: [email protected]

Federal Grants

Read our reports regarding the funding of the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission by the Federal Government. The information posted under requirements of Senate Bill 271 which requires a report of all federal funds received by the agency and the programs for which the federal funds are used.

Federal Grants Report 

Federal Grants Cost Report